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Posted by Mutual - 3 days ago

Music is the mean of communication, reaching into the unknown and open up their heart and mind. But beyond that, few musicians have attempted to expand further into the idea that music can be as educational as it being inspirational. This post is going to explain that concept, about music could be the most powerful education process and tool in order to speak the unknown and reach deep into the topics you wish to communicate with them.

First Jewel - Music is the world, not a story

Often those who composed complex works like an orchestral piece or cinematic work like to treat their music like storytelling mechanism. The problem with this approach is that your works going to be a literal linear experience. It does not flourish nor empower the audience. Once the work finished running, it's going to be locked in the mind of listeners as a single-go entity, as best example why trailer music sounds good at the first run, yet they are very shallow and poorly designed.

Some believed that giving their music some sort of vocal settings, like a motif or designated melodic contents of their work could capture the audience, this approach is often being misused and ended up missing the point of music being communicational entity. The problem with this approach is that in the long run, it becomes generic and there haven't new flourishing ideas coming from the method of creating specific chord progression or melodies.

Music is composed by sounds from this world, therefore it should be the representation or interpretation of world.

The complexity of your work should be determined by the quality of your relationship with sounds, and not what you going to use. Music should speak the language of the world and interconnect your audience into the real world by the medium of sounds you manipulated in your work.

Second Jewel - Music is to communicate with the despair

Music should be used to empower those who still seeking the way out of this world. While music cannot give absolute solution to certain condition, nor anything else could, music can be used to construct a temporal reality for the oppressed who seek to escape this reality that killing them. In short, music can work similarly to a type of psychological painkiller. We often look to music when we are sad, when we are angry, when we need some kind of distraction. Music works excellently as a form of emotional relief, whether to intake or to release negativity in our botched life.

As musicians, we should understand how music communicate with the world around us, and with our audience. We should ever understand the material condition of the listeners, and how our music could help to shape the world in a way that to ease the suffering. Which bring it to the third jewel.

Third Jewel - Music must understand the material conditions

Material condition affects everything we do and live by, it encircles our reality that we have to wake up everyday and find the means of survival. As mentioned before, music is the interpretation of the world, and therefore it can be used to explain, relate and connect the material condition of the audience to the musicians. This symbiotic relationship of musician and listener should be mutual and interconnecting. The mutual relationship should only halt when the material condition cease to affect both audience and musician. This mutual relationship should be respected and tread carefully, any change to the relationship can only be adjusted by the criteria of mutual consent between audience and musicians.

Fourth Jewel - Music is mutual aid

As mentioned, the symbiotic relationship build deeper connection between listener and the composer. This mutually benefits both sides and balanced out the positivism. This is the basics of mutual aid. It empowers the struggle within material condition of both musicians and listeners, and in extended to the ecology, the reality, and the world that your music could be used to educate the despair.


Posted by Mutual - 2 weeks ago

Meeeeee... nah I'm not that famous. Yeah I'm one of the 4 lone anarchists on this site, @EtK, @PhoenixGodwin and @GoodL. @AdventVoice did mentioned they are aligned with the ideology.

Anyway, here is the 10 famous musicians whom you have no idea they are anarchists.


Yep that Björk. She's a living wonder and her works are the most creative shit you could listen to. But did you know that Björk started out as an anarcho-punk musician? Björk stayed true to anarchy her whole life and incorporated the philosophy of freedom of association to fuel her music and art.

John Cage

In sound design and revolutionary musical innovation, the name John Cage often comes up. But did you know in 1991, John Cage wrote a letter to renowned Spanish artist and anarchist Esther Ferrer, asked her what was anarchism. And Esther Ferrer responded that radicalized John Cage and aligned himself as an anarchist. This anarchist article explained how John Cage used anarchy as influence for his legendary work of art and music.

Tom Morello

A card-carrying anarcho-syndicalist Wobbly just like me, but unlike me, Tom Morello can drive you wild with his guitar riff. Tom Morello started off as a member of Rage Against The Machine. Tom Morello quickly lived up to be another greatest protest song composer.

Laura Jane Grace

No surprise that the founder and lead singer of Against Me! is an anarchist. She's also a trans woman. By far they are my favorite punk band.


That's right folks, the Motörhead is anarchy.

Pete Seeger

The famed folk musician Pete Seeger was an anarchist? Yep.

Boots Riley

Lead person of The Coup is an anarchist? Yep. You mean Sorry To Bother You is a pro-union black-liberation anarcho-communism movie? IN HOLLYWOOD? YEP

Terence McKenna

Aha we're getting somewhere! Did you know that the anarchy king of psychonaut got his speech sampled by every junkie and stoner on the planet? He also died while high on LSD. lmao

Stza Crack

Also known as Scott Sturgeon, lead singer for Leftover Crack. Fuck the world trade, That's right. No world trade center on stolen land.

Chris Hannah

Can't end this post without some Propagandhi! Cues my favorite cinematic anarcho-punk song of all time

And here's some of my anarcho-epic music :)

Have a great week!



Posted by Mutual - 2 weeks ago

Little I Am Me or Das Kleine Ich bin Ich is a children book about finding your true self.

I hope to share this to everyone :)



Posted by Mutual - 2 weeks ago

I'm making a change in genre after the Madness Day track. I'm heading toward fusion of my 3 favorite genres, synthwave, IDM and breakcore.

Stay tuned. :)


Posted by Mutual - 2 weeks ago

Now that I reached beyond TSFH level, I have a personal confession...

Sometime it feel like a desolated thing to be on NG, being the queer one. I came out years back and decided that I should be open about my queerness instead of being ashamed about it. I feel like there is nothing to hide in this day and age. Most people mistook or assumed me as a cis person due to my hobbies. Gun ownership, knife collection, games, martial arts, edgy personality and very colourful art & music. I'm just a non-binary person who enjoy these things.

The cinematic scene is very isolating toward women, letting alone including LGBT2Q+ members. There are a few LGBT2Q+ members in the NG scene like @LucidShadowDreamer, @etherealwinds and @NekoMika, a trans woman. Neko actually came out pretty early in the 2013-2015 something, and I'm very impressed for her courage of coming out on this community. And I'm the newest addition. But beyond that, there isn't much landscape for queer and trans folks.

Yes, this was one of the secret reason why I did not go into film & game music, in addition to the fact that I hate selling my works. I wanna keep my creations pure. But beyond that, I cannot present myself as a queer person and still able to hold the same position as a cis person. I can't get recognised as a sound designer, audio engineer, keyboardist, composer, or mere musician, if I presented myself as a queer. As long as I kept the mask on, I cannot be myself.

But I decided to hide no longer.

I'm a queer person of colour who could create extraordinary works that few cis folks could, and I have gone beyond it. And I should create works under the queer banner.

One more thing, since being indigenous that I have the choice to identify as two-spirit person instead of non-binary. The reason I identify as enby and not 2-spirit is because I feel like 2-spirit does not completely include whom I identify as. The term in my culture that called an 2-spirit person who live the life as woman, iskwêhkân, Cree term.

I don't dress as a woman on day to day basis, especially at my work/volunteer environment due to extreme stigma and could threatening getting me booted from the position. It takes a lot of white queer folks them questions to understand why I identify as enby, until I explain the two-spirit thing to them. But I do live my life as a woman. I took estrogen on MtF transition, though I didn't do the transition fully.

One last secret that I wanna let out. I'm an intersex. I was born with both male and female reproductive organs. Guess what they were? Were, because my parents performed non-consented surgery on me to close the female organ when I was a wee toddler. It still there, in fact one of the benefit is that I can orgasm on both parts, at the same time. One more reason why I'm an enby.

Anyway, as for edgy music. Stay tuned for Madness Day, because this queer is dropping the weapon of mass destruction on Sept 22nd. :)

Have a great week!

Check out my two latest tracks:


Posted by Mutual - 3 weeks ago



Posted by Mutual - 3 weeks ago

I'd stop trolling on NGAF for now... I'm bored, waiting for Madness Day


Posted by Mutual - 1 month ago

Doing things you love, not things you want.

Exploring the uncharted territories of sound.

Searching for the meanings of your soul.

Connecting with living things around you.

These are the golden rules of everything I have made and shared on this community.

I hope to spread this way of life.



Posted by Mutual - 1 month ago

Thanks to whoever gifted me the subscription! You are the best!

Y'all also awesome!

Have a great weekend!


Posted by Mutual - August 12th, 2019

I should've stick to what I know best, instead I tried to compete ppl with their skills far better than me in melodies and arrangement. I should've stick with sound design.

This is just a sneak peek of what I'm working on. I'm also cooking a new concept for an entry of Madness Day.