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Posted by Mutual - 17 hours ago

Doing things you love, not things you want.

Exploring the uncharted territories of sound.

Searching for the meanings of your soul.

Connecting with living things around you.

These are the golden rules of everything I have made and shared on this community.

I hope to spread this way of life.


Posted by Mutual - 4 days ago

Thanks to whoever gifted me the subscription! You are the best!

Y'all also awesome!

Have a great weekend!


Posted by Mutual - 8 days ago

I should've stick to what I know best, instead I tried to compete ppl with their skills far better than me in melodies and arrangement. I should've stick with sound design.

This is just a sneak peek of what I'm working on. I'm also cooking a new concept for an entry of Madness Day.


Posted by Mutual - 11 days ago

Wow, oh well, took years to get there lol. At least it's progressing and I'm glad TomFulp is one :D

Thank you all for having faith in me :)

Have a good weekend!



Posted by Mutual - 1 month ago

I wanna change my name to something uhh, little generic, but I kinda like the current name.

What name would y'all want me to change to?



Posted by Mutual - 1 month ago

This is gonna be a short post.

First off, I support the struggle of Hong Kong people. And fuck state capitalism.

However, I can't help but to laugh at the irony of Hong Kong's pro-capitalist protesters sang that one socialist song from Les Miserable, Do You Hear The People Sing. Les Miserable was written by Victor Hugo, a socialist and novelist who participated in the French Revolution of 1848. The setting of Les Miserable is indeed based on 1848 Revolution.

Like, come fucking on, the red flag in the scene of Les Miserable shown everywhere. The red flag has a very long history in leftist culture. Dated as far back as the 1200s, where the peasant resistance used red flag as symbol for their movement. In the Pirate Era, some pirate ships also used red flag as their symbol of blood and freedom. Red flag was used as symbol for united front of communist, socialist and anarchist. Red flag is key symbol in the Revolution of 1848, which again, Les Miserable plot. Only until Paris Commune, anarchist Louise Michel used the black flag for distinguished anarchist symbol, due to the split in First International between Marx (red, socialist) and Bakunin (black, anarchist), and both the red and black flag has been used across the world.

But of course, Trump's adviser forgot to let Trump know that Do You Hear The People Sing is a god-hating socialist song and he shouldn't use it in a MAGA event. However, I do not blame Hong Kong students for using it, because it fits their struggle. Plus, there are many Hong Kong anarchists who organized this historic resistance. They know full well about the context of this song.

Solidarity to all Hong Kongers fighting this fight. Down with state capitalists, aka 'tankies'

One extra note, Victor Hugo is who you could called as a champagne socialist. Why? After the failure of 1848 (too bad he didn't live long enough to see Paris Commune), Victor Hugo wrote the Les Miserable play as a reflection on the revolution, in hope to convince the ruling class to get on the side of working class. Like George Orwell (a democratic socialist), they both had too high optimism on the revolutions. Orwell get shit canned by Stalinists after he and his milita POUM almost get purged at the end of Catalonia rev, leading to Orwell's eternal hatred for tankies. Same situation with Victor Hugo, at the end of his life he was basically depressed as fuck due to the failed uprising of 1848. (again if Hugo didn't drink as much, he'd live to see Paris Commune)

And like George Orwell, Victor Hugo's works get turned into anti-socialist propaganda. Sad to see that.

Anyway, some music history lesson for y'all. Have a great weekend.


Posted by Mutual - 1 month ago

Not exactly new, more like a compilation. But I realized the best way to teach someone how to do stuff is to use example of inspiration for them. Code name, Something Interesting, or sort styled as Som Int. Som Int is a compilation of my works produced between the period of time from early 2017 to late 2018, that used experimental and avant-garde production. Combined with pseudo-monotone mixing, distinguished stereo of 808 or 909 percussion with glitch and breakcore, and wide spectrum of instruments with particularly atmospheric uses. Almost most used techniques like chopped-and-screwed, wall of sound and super dense mixing to create retro futuristic sound.


I'll write a full tutorial on a website how to do these sounds.



Posted by Mutual - 1 month ago

I wanna upload my fractal arts but I'm too lazy to go through every single project page and fill out the same shit.


Posted by Mutual - July 4th, 2019

I haven't commented much on other tracks, but I listened to them all on my fav musician's list. One thing most of these tracks lack is feeling. This is a common criticism, but often ignored. People basically made the tracks for the sake of making them, despise their tracks seem complex and very well made. This problem exists in almost everyone in music industry.

Best example of this would be Michael Giacchino, he composed extremely well crafted film scores like The Incredibles and Rouge One. But there is one thing he seriously lacks, memorable work. This is actually an inside joke on VI-Control about Michael Giacchino.

Another composer in contrast to Michael Giacchino, who recently passed away, is Jóhann Jóhannsson. His work is not as fancy as other Hollywood composers, very minimal yet full of emotions. Jóhann Jóhannsson knew his audience and know that they would remember his work since first listening. He used intriguing sound design and sound set to drive into his audience and took them for the ride.

I'm not asking y'all to be either or neither of Jóhann Jóhannsson or Michael Giacchino. You can be none or all. But regardless of what you wish to do, make your work emotional is the most important. Because emotional means memorable.

Here is the challenge: Make your audiences remember your works regardless of theme, genre or style. Have fun!



Posted by Mutual - June 27th, 2019


What's a piano and a tuna? You can tuna piano but not piano a tuna.