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Breaking the Fifth Wall

Posted by Mutual - March 17th, 2018

In art, music, acting or literature, there are the scenes which consists of three walls. The Fourth Wall is the audience. To break the fourth wall is to directly communicate, relate and invite the audience into your art form. What is the Fifth Wall? It's the filter that you live by your creation. You become what you made. Often creating an art or music form only stop there when the artists themselves stepped outside their creativity zone. But to be the Fifth Wall is not just to talk or act, but to live, serve and teach people about your way of life.

I am to break the Fifth Wall, and leap into the Sixth Wall.

The Sixth Wall is when you don't have to live like you meant all the time, but still able to influence and educate people about your way of life, through your art form. The Sixth Wall is to communicate your way of life so that your audience can live that way and continue to influence the same to other people.

Making music, art, or literature should be a way of life, and not about money or fame. You guys taught me this on the last posts. You guys remind me that I have been doing these for the past of my life without realizing it until now, thank you for the kind words. I shall continue to create music for life until my dying day.

Take care.

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YES! It would be wonderful to see people putting their honest feelings in their art, doing what they want to do. Im a guitarrist( im really insecure with considering myself as a musician tho, never went to a proper music school, but i know that i know my stuff and i can get along in a jam session with unknow players pretty well, its just my theory knowledge that is very sub par and honestly, i kinda consider myself a musician, based on my pratical knowledge, but the theory part still bugs me). AAAAAAAnnyway... as i said before, im a guitarrist.

Me and my also musician friends(we used to form a band, love them) are nothing but unknow teenagers to the hight tier commercial music scenario of our neighborhood/city. we make music because we want to, not to please that person that can get us to a record deal. we have our tiny circle of musicians/bands and we apreciate each other's work (even help them in the process composition).
I make music myself, currently writing songs for an EP that might be out this year (if college go easy on me). Theres 2 very shitty demos on my account if you want to listen to, its a genre that only a few apreciate so i totally understands if you think it sucks, shit sound quality is a part of the genre.
I have a friend working on the drum parts, and another writing the bass. i make these songs for myself mostly and for my friends to share with them (if they want to listen to my strange stuff) and im okay with that.
I agree that it would really be awesome to get more people to apreciate my stuff but i won't change my music in order to achieve popularity, if i ever compose something with that in mind, is not me, not anymore.

its 2:00 AM where i live and im really tired so, bye man. really nice text

Glad to see that you’re back :)
It really is true that we need more honest feeling in music, rather than creating things so people like them. @Banana-head I agree with you
“Breaking the sixth wall”, as you call it, is something we’re always doing. We as people want to follow others. One example could be me. A few of my friends, one of which is @ShadowShinobiTunes, were inspired to make music along with me.
I’m grateful to them for inspiring me in return.
(Also banana-head don’t worry I don’t have much theory knowledge either xD)

I was glad to read this. I hope you're doing okay! I'll go to sleep now, but let's talk some day this coming week ^___^

Music, art, literature - it brakes all the walls, borders and obstacles eventually. Especially if it's brilliant like yours.

didn't understand nothing but sounds motivating.