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Why is there no bulk uploading on NG

Posted by Mutual - 1 month ago

I wanna upload my fractal arts but I'm too lazy to go through every single project page and fill out the same shit.


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I feel the same way about mass PM'ing. I get that it would save me a lot of time, but the site staff probably feels like it would just fuel trolls, spammers, and soliciting.

The mass PM would be really hard to moderate. Maybe they can limit how many ppl you can add in the PM.

@TaintedLogic I agree that this is the most likely answer, alongside enhanced potential for server overload. Could probably write a code to do it for you, though. Hmu in a year or three, gotta go learn to be a hacker.

Speaking of hacker, I used to be a pentester. CEH and CISSP. Now I just work something unrelated.

I immediately and wholeheartedly romanticize this newfound field. Testing for vulnerabilities? Rad.
I started learning to code less than two weeks ago, so I've yet to figure out exactly what I want to do. There are a ton of cool areas of expertise, and choosing is hard. I do know that I love the process, already. v frustrating at times, tho.

Start with Python and Go. Then move on to JS and Node. Hacking is beyond coding. It's about understanding how a system work, and how to break it down. Treat hacking like an art, like an entertainment and not something stressful. It is true that the beginning of it is very difficult for a lot of people, but once you have the passion and patience, you will be very proficient at it.

Prior to pentesting stuff, I was a blackhat. Pretty much all experienced hackers started out breaking shit on the internet or in the phone line. I was into phreaking, breaking DRM and all that. While I no longer does these 'bad' stuff, I however do agree that hacking should never be commodified by the system, and should've stayed underground. All best hackers are self taught.

Fun fact, on my old account I used to find vuln for fun on NG. My music was featured in a hacker convention, ShmooCon, while ago.

If you have any question on hacking, feel free to PM or post here.

Thanks a load, man! I'll keep that in mind, and hit you up if/when questions arise.
At the moment, I'm learning JS. I figured I'd start with front end stuff (already have a decent handle on html and css), then move to back end (Python and Go), and probably then dabble in a lot of other things, to see what I like. Could be considered wasted time, but I have a list of around ten languages I want to take a few swings at. Ruby, Kotlin, Swift, C#, Java, you get the idea.
Right now, I'm really unsure as to what I'd even like to work with. Data? Games? App development? Software development? ¯\_(ツ)_/` It all sounds fun.