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Break from electronic stuff / finally learning theory

Posted by Mutual - October 18th, 2017

I'm gonna take a break from producing electronic music. Maybe for 2 months or so. I want to focus on orchestra, cinematic, classical and even jazz. Those are the fields I'm lacking. Stuff I upload here gonna take much longer time to make, but they are going to be better quality and not being milled out like in a day.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I also just registered for Beginner Music Theory and Beginner Piano classes for adult. Yay the douche bag who was anti-theory, finally take his time learning it. So much for the tolerant douche!

Another thing, I want to expand my portfolio. Maybe I'll reconsider AudioJungle. Also tone down my shit posting. Meanwhile, I'll redirect my trolling effort to VI-Control, it's more fun busting the pros there than the boring younglings here.

Last, I'm going to make more fractal... I've been planning to release all my fractal flames, after that drive corrupt shit happened two months ago messed my backup, I kinda lost all the old ones. But I'll salvage as much I could find. So, the stuff I'm planning to open source: fractal flames, an unfinished Kontakt engine, midi, FLP files, SFX samples and about 10 GB of convolution Impulse Responses used in "Earth Will Consume Your Children". All of them will be available on torrent.

Stay tuned.

Comments (2)

Hey, don't beat yourself up over the whole music theory and piano thing. We all learn differently. Hell, I'm just starting to learn theory and to read music myself.
I'm happy to see you focusing on different things. I'm always excited to see what you'll make, regardless of genre.

Thanks man. :)

I've been due to learn theory for very long time. I wish I did it decades ago. Anyway, nothing is too late to learn! :D

Music theory is honestly pretty cool. Been slowly learning it myself since 2015.
Kinda like how it helps ya analyze songs you like, and figure out the "engine" that helps them run. Really good for people like me that tend to overthink things.

I'm severely lacking in the instrument playing department though...


Seemed like I have a lot of catch up to do with theory. I'm basically learning how the most basic notation work and still feeling stupid about it, so much that I joke about writing music in opcode might be easier than writing music in these notations, heh.