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Nice animation. :D

mate you used to make good chiptune, now you make animation!

this shit is like Ninja Action and Madness having a love child.

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Manufacturing consent.

All LGTBQ unite!

smell and run like C&C. at least C&C did not crash this often.

AMT-Games responds:

We just updated it, first day after the update always has issues, but we are hotfixing it within days, will get stable soon.

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Salsa dance! Salsa chips! Salsa!

Damn, isn't this too light for your style? :O I was expecting dark and sad sounds.

Pretty awesome work. Curse the judges for failing ya.

Woah this is something. I like how you stick to what you have strength in it instead of doing something risky. Good choice in the contest. Interesting chord progressions there. It's truly a beautiful and moving work, I do however think it stood out from your recent submissions, due to the complexity of this one. Not saying your other works weren't complex, they are very, but this one is well made together and it captures my emotion very well.

Your music often remind me of FF work of Nobuo Uematsu, I've found that speciality in a lot of your work and it's a really nice touch. I guess I just listened too much of your music, haha.

Good luck in the NGADM. Have a good weekend!

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thank you, dude!

I felt like every year (apart from the last round last year), I had tried my hand on experimenting with all kinds of genres and VSTs and instruments. I learned so much for that, and it was all totally worth it. But, this year I don't have as much time; I am teaching at a school atm for at least two more weeks (as part of my last practice period), when other teachers are observing my lessons. I felt like it's a good idea to stick with my strength.

Don't get me wrong though; I'm not staying within my comfort zone entirely; I try my hand at all kinds of new piano techniques and arrangements, and ofc, new kinds of compositions. I've had lots of fun so far, so if I pass this round, I might keep going with it! It takes quite a long time to compose on the piano too, especially since I want to be able to play all the compositions I make.

I'm glad you like the structure of this one, as it's definitely a bit different! And as you know, I take a lot of inspiration from Nobuo indeed ^____^
Thank you for the review, and for the listen!

Cinematic cyberpunk synthwave. Right on the money. Good luck on the NGADM. I do hope you can make it this time, you've made it this far.

Have you thought about using synthwave promotion Youtube channel for selective few of your work? It helps to boost your fans quite good.

This track is so amazing. I guess the synth were Massive, well done work on them.

AceMantra responds:

Thanks so much! I have considered starting a YouTube channel, but I'm not sure how to take it further. And you guessed it, basically all Massive, Korg M1, and a tiny bit of Kontakt. :P

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trippy O.o


Kelpalots responds:

Thanks! :D

i'm always amazed at your fractal skill.

Kelpalots responds:

Moving everything over! :D Slowly, so you don't die in a fire over my awesome skills. :P




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